My Social Media Story

Take a look at the world around us. Social media truly is taking over and whether you want it to or not, there is absolutely no controlling it. Ask any single teenager or young adult where they get their news from and I can guarantee you they will not say the local tv station, because really, who even pays for cable at this point. 9/10 times people are streaming tv/Netflix/live videos because no one has the time to tune into the local news or even anything on cable. I am never in the right place at the right time to catch the new tv show I was hoping to start and this is exactly why I own a hulu account, new episodes of many different shows are available less than 24 hours after the original airing! This seriously still blows my mind, but wow I’m thankful for it. At this point in my life, if someone were to take the Internet away from me, I would no longer exist.

I can still remember how it all started, when I first began using social media I was in 5th grade and the outlet of choice was aol’s instant messenger, also known as “AIM.” Everyday after school my friends and I would all hop on to the computer (desktop computer) and have conversations throughout the entire night, as if we hadn’t just spent the whole day at school together. As the years went by many more social media sites took me captive. At the moment I have and use over 7 social media sites. Who knows how many of my accounts for other sites are still out there.

You know, its funny. I constantly bash my sister for allowing social media to run her life and consume all that she cares about, but really, I do the same thing in a different way. My sister is 14 years old and all those kids care about is the amount of likes they get on instagram, I swear. My sister actually hacked into my instagram and is accessible to my account for the sole purpose of giving her friends an extra follower and making sure to always like her own pictures through my account. Its almost disturbing the amount kids care what other people think of them, I like to think that it is just a phase and hope they’ll grow out of it, but its hard to examin what exactly goes through the heads of the generation below me. I’m really not sure how they will react the first time someone rejects them. Kids nowadays have a hard time accepting the word no.

Anyways, back to my story. Social media has impacted me like nothing else ever will in the world. I have always had access to anything I could ever want or need right at my fingertips. The world before google was probably a dark place, but thankfully I’ll never have to know what that is like. From education to entertainment social media has my back through it all.

Although I feel confident in the way I manage my social media accounts, there is one thing I feel I have a disadvantage to. If I would have known the tips to become Internet famous or go viral back then, I could be getting paid to visit tropical islands, try on clothes and take selfies, or make videos about my life, but instead I hopped on the bandwagon way too late so here I am broke as hell, freezing my ass off, sitting at the counter of my college apartment in west Michigan. I keep trying to think of ways to make people notice me because social media is one of today’s biggest job industries, but with the small amount of followers I have behind me it seems there is no hope left. Right now there are so many teens and young adults who are sponsored by companies that the level of difficulty to reach this sponsorship is ridiculous and almost unrealistic. In order to even be noticed or considered by any company you would need to have thousands of new followers flowing in on the daily. While I wish this were a great story of how social media changed my life and helped me become rich and famous, it’s not. With that being said, I still keep holding my hope and maybe one day, I’ll have a new story to tell.


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