CAP 105 Scavenger Hunt

Well, time has flown by, as it usually does, CAP 105 has come to an end. And, of course, with the end of a semester comes a final. Luckily, CAP 105 was a fun one and hardly qualifies as an “exam”. With this being said, I am sad to leave this class but thankful for everything Adrienne has done to make this class what it was, Thank You!!

  1. Team Name & Logo


We thought this name was the perfect fit considering a great amount of the project tasks are things to do with the great Grand Valley!

2. Let the fun begin-Group photos!


GVSU Marching Band

This one I like a lot, because it is much different than the other ones, while GV does have many iconic places/statues, I feel like this one is something very unique to us. This piece is definitely iconic because its huge, easy to see, and everyone knows about it. To me, personally, this is a great piece of art because it is made completely from scraps.



Transformational Link 

I think this is one of my favorite iconic structures on campus because of how legendary it is.There are so many different “rules” about this structure about not graduating if you walk through or failing exams if  you walk through it. Although I feel like these things aren’t true, I’ve made it a point to never walk through it….just in case!


Grand Valley Clock Tower 

This one is a classic. Most Universities, if not all have clock towers. Still an icon at GV though, especially when taking pictures with the sunset reflecting off of the library in the background


Bird Sculpture 

To be honest, I have no idea the real name of this sculpture I tried to find it on the sculpture but I think it might have been hidden. Anyways, I like this one because I remember spending all my long walks home to freshman land observing it to see all of the different shapes I could make out of it.

3. Internet Memes


The power of Vader


Putting my cheerleading skills to work 


on my way to catch the golden snitch

4. Video Tour

5. My favorite sculpture


Freshman land Rock

Now, I’m not sure if others would consider this a sculpture, but to me it is. I love this rock and i love that it is the perfect shape and right in the middle of an open area! The reason I consider this a sculpture is because even though it isn’t a traditional “sculpture” it always has the opportunity to be something new each day. It is art and it is always changing and students all around campus are able to make their mark on it to show people their own art. I think its cool that there is something given to us for the purpose of being decorated by students. Plus, no matter how many times I see it, its still fun to look at because it is always something different!

6. Internet Research

Images found on GVSU foundation page, for more information click here

The infographics above represent the amount of money given to the Grand Valley State University Foundation by private donors. Through analyzing these results, I found that although admission, acceptance, and enrollment rates have increased over the years, the amount of private donations has not been anywhere near consistent. In 2016 GVSU had a record number for enrollment but the donor foundation was decreased by about 3 million. The infographic representing the overall fund growth shows more consistency than the last graph in increase rate throughout the years.

7. Favorite Meme


find it here 

This one was a fun one. I love internet memes! There are so many that make me laugh but right now, I think my favorite has to be the “Hooded Kermit” This one is hilarious to me because it is beyond accurate with my roommates and I. It reminds me of like the little devil on your shoulder.


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