7 Ways to Find Success in PR

Happy #PRWednesday! I’ve decided to conduct research in finding tips, tricks, and all of the secrets to be successful in PR. I realize I am sort of young to be sharing this advice, but it’s never too early to get prepared for the real world. In my short two years of college, I have been given so many tricks to help me prepare for finding success after college, so today I am going to share with you what I have learned so far and what YOU can do to start finding success NOW. I have also reached out to some future PR pros and asked them to share the best advice they can give with what they have learned so far in the PR world. Get ready to rock the real world, PRbae’s.

  1. Show off Your Personality

After reading an article titled, “Making it Personal, The Key To Success in PR” I was able to find some insightful information from PR pro, Sarah Pinch, the Bristol-based President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. She states that:

“Social media does work. You need personality; some of the great brands get that. Those brands that get it right, the ones that recognize this is personal. I remember my first day of work experience on Radio Devon, the presenter saying to me, ‘I’m not talking to lots of people, I’m talking to one’. It’s a bit like that. Twitter is really valuable. It’s like having customer service radio station on your desk. You can get real insights into what people are interested in or concerned about. At its heart it’s still about connecting with people and representing your organization.”

2. Don’t be Afraid to Ask or to do

“Always be asking your employer if there is anything else you can do and never be afraid to just do something on your own without asking and then show off your ideas, this gives you the chance to display your value and the skills you have learned” – Bri Olson, content creator at Well Design Studio

  1. Know your Audience, Give Them what they are Used to

In another article titled, “The Sweet Smell of PR Success” Susan McCoy, owner of the Garden Media Group, a seven-person PR shop, talks about an experience she had while putting together an elite event in New York City. “Everything has to feed into what your target market expects and how they perceive you, your image has to match in everything you do.” She goes on to say,

“If the elite are to be enticed, it takes more than a swank location; it takes persistence. Even the day before the party, we sent out notes that said, ‘Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow,’ even to people who hadn’t said they were coming, these are very busy people, and you always have competing interests. You want to make sure that at the end of the day you are at least in the top three of things they want to get done.”

  1. Focus on Details

Dave Fleet, a blogger and Senior Vice President of Digital in Edelman‘s Toronto office, states that focusing on details is one of his top tips for a successful PR career. “Nothing hurts the credibility of a pitch, a proposal or a program like sloppy mistakes. Meanwhile, people who become known for outrageous attention to detail become go-to people in a team. Be that person. Read and re-read your work. Be your own devil’s advocate in order to think things through and make sure you’ve covered all of the angles. Double-check your calculations. Question your assumptions.”

  1. Be Useful and Productive, Show off Your Skills

“So far, I have had two internships and while neither of them were technically PR job titles, I still practiced PR. That is the first thing I’ve learned about job hunting, a job might be posted as an advertising or marketing position – but you should not be turned away from those. Always read the job descriptions because half of the time the tasks are totally PR. That’s the problem with this major… PR, advertising, and marketing are so close knit, they make-up the integrated marketing communications love triangle. Because of this it is often hard to find the defining line between them. At Well Design Studio, where I currently work, we specialize in communications and design but my PR skills have been utilized multiple times for things like: strategic campaigning, market research, and working media angles for clients.” – Bri Olson

  1. Get Involved

Join a professional/student club (This is crucial because you will not only learn more about the industry, but you will have a new group of allies in your network who you can turn to for help with questions on your work, help finding an internship/job, and help you just when you need advice…like right now). Also, always go to those networking events that you might dread. (These are important because you never know who is going to be there, could be your new best friend, could be your new boss). – Julia Backus, PR intern for Grand Rapids Griffins AHL.

  1. Hustle

-Do ALL of the internships. Do them in different industries. Figure out what you like, then polish your skills. (This will get you the “big girl” job). p.s. I have done internships in sports, education, and digital. Each one taught me new and different things that will help me once I am a professional.

– You NEED to keep up with your network. This includes your network on LinkedIn, your network in clubs, your network of co-workers, and your network of past co-workers/employers; this shows that you genuinely care not only about your advancement, but how others are doing. Also new opportunities arise all the time, what does it hurt to say hello every once in a while?  – Julia Backus


Lastly, a few small tips from me:

Do everything you can to get involved; go to events, send thank you notes to EVERY PR pro you meet, ask to job shadow, be yourself, be talkative, be friendly, and last, but definitely not least, find out what makes YOU unique and carry that trait with you, EVERYWHERE you go. Good luck out there kids, you’re gonna do great.

Until next time.untitled-1


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